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Our company, Future Idea Building Contracting was founded by Ahmad Almheiri, who has always been passionate about the construction sector. As the company expanded, his son, Mohammad Almheiri (MD) has joined the business.

Future Idea Building Contracting provides 2 main types of building solutions to our valued customers: full precast concrete system and cast in situ blockwork. Our major strength is in the quality of building materials that we are building from, along with our highly skilled, experienced, and certified team of engineers, architects, and site workers.

What makes us different from other contractors, is that Future Idea Building Contracting is a turnkey contractor, which means we provide turnkey projects upon request. This means that we finish the full project from designing, permissions, site erection, MEP works, fitting and final finishing until handing the key over.

Our work doesn’t stop here. Future Idea Building Contracting also provides technical services to our respected customers. We aim to maintain a long-term relationship with our clients, whenever they are in need of pool maintenance, AC technicians, or any other regular service.

Future Idea Building Contracting provides construction services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi emirates only, however, we provide technical services all across the United Arab Emirates.

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Emirati Owned

Our company is 100% Emirati owned and managed.


ISO Certified

We are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018 certified and we meet the statutory, regulatory, and customer requirements.

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DM Approved

Our company is Dubai Municipality approved, and we comply with all the DM standards and regulations.


Professional Team

Our team members are fully certified, qualified and trained, working only with professional equipment.


Turnkey Services

We can fully design, construct, and equip the projects, where we hand it over to the client in a ready-to-use state.


On Time Delivery

Future Idea Building Contracting is fully committed to delivering the projects on time, and without mistakes.


Each and every project is different. That’s the reason why we need our clients to have a face to face meeting with us in our office, in order to get a full understanding of their requirements, specifications, and needs. Based on the client’s budget, we offer many designs that the customer can choose from. These designs can be either ready designs or tailor-made designs, in order to perfectly suit the customer’s requirements.

After agreeing on each detail and signing the contract, we apply for the pre-construction permissions and acquire the necessary approvals. Afterward, the site preparation works can begin: demarcation, fencing, site cleanup, and excavation works.

Depending on the building system, the erection works can start. These building solutions can be either full precast concrete, semi precast concrete, or blockwork projects. Once the structure of the building is ready, we can continue with the MEP (mechanical, electric, and plumbing) jobs.

The final step of our procedure is the fit-out and the finishing works, including painting, flooring and tiling, installing sanitary units, installing lights and fixtures, kitchen, and other built-in furniture. We also provide landscaping services: interlock installation, external painting, or swimming pool construction.

Before the key is officially handed over to the client, we acquire the final approvals for DEWA and telecommunication connections, followed by the completion certificate issued by Dubai Municipality.

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Step 1


We offer a wide range of standard and custom-made designs for both residential and commercial projects.

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Step 2


Our team will try to make the most out of the available budget which perfectly fits our customer’s requirements.

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Step 3

Pre-construction permissions

Submitting required documents and acquiring the necessary permissions before the construction starts.

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Step 4

Site preparation works

Demarcation, fencing, site cleanup, and excavation works. Everything that needs to be done before the building starts.

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Step 5

Erection work

Depending on the method of construction (precast concrete or blockwork), the actual building of the project starts here.

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Step 6

MEP work

At this stage of the construction, all the MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) related works are done.

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Step 7

Fit-out work

Installation of the AC system, waterproofing, artificial ceiling installation, doors, and windows installation.

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Step 8


Internal and external painting, tiling and flooring, installing sanitary units, installing kitchen and other built-in furniture.

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Step 9

Post-construction permissions

Acquiring the completion certificate from Dubai Municipality, DEWA, and telecommunication connections.

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Step 10


The project is officially completed, the keys are handed over to the client.

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